Spark: A Comprehensive Worship Leadership Handbook

Be the spark within your teams and your congregation to establish genuine love for God and for one another.

Have you ever looked lovingly at your worship teams or your congregation and wished they could be more responsive, more committed, or more unified? This powerful book is as unsuspecting as the little midnight hymn Paul and Silas sang that rattled prison doors and set the captives free. It will aid you—one Sunday at a time—in establishing the culture of God’s Kingdom within your Church body.

“I wish every church had this book years ago!”

—Jonathan Stockstill, Lead Pastor, Bethany Church

“Here’s a book on worship that’s both inspiring and practical, both visionary and nitty-gritty. And it comes from someone who has arisen as a father in the worship movement.”

—Bob Sorge, Author, Exploring Worship

Help has arrived! Find the encouragement you need to overcome these challenges:


  • Instill within your church family a genuine, real-world hunger for God.
  • Establish a servant-like culture over a rock-star culture.
  • Discard fear-based leadership tactics in preference of sincere love.
  • Foster true unity and community within your worship teams.
  • Develop singers and musicians who are talented and humble.
  • Navigate today’s worship issues related to production and technology.
  • Embrace the supernatural move of God’s Spirit without falling out of balance.

Spark is a Scripture-rich, Holy Spirit-inspired tool to help you touch a hurting world by developing and sustaining an authentic, vibrant, Christ-following, Spirit-led community of believers—the kind you’ve been praying for.

Awakening Pure Worship

Find Your Way to Greater Closeness with God

Jeff Deyo invites you into a conversation about worship in a book that was written for anyone seeking to know the Lord in a deeper way. Does God’s presence seem distant? Do you have a friend who has grown numb to the things of God? Have you given up on hearing God’s voice in the way so many authors and preachers talk about? Are you ready to awaken your life to a vibrant, one-on-one relationship with the Father once and for all? This is your moment.

Your hope is about to be restored as you consider these questions and more:


  • Are we truly present in God’s presence?
  • Do we encounter songs, artists, and atmospheres without encountering God Himself?
  • What do we do when we lose the emotion that often surrounds worshiping God?
  • Why are so many of us tempted to put ministry for God above intimacy with God?
  • Are we unintentionally worshiping the image of a false god when we cherry-pick easy-to-swallow scriptures about God’s character?
  • Can the good work of serving the poor and moving in the supernatural cause us to miss the one thing?
  • Do we allow potential embarrassment to keep us from loving and worshiping God extravagantly?

Shift your perspective on relationship with God from obligation to invitation and rediscover authentic worship that reaches from the secret place to the marketplace.

Kind Words