Jeff Deyo is a worship leader, author, pianist, songwriter, speaker, and professor. He is known internationally as the former lead singer of the Grammy-nominated, Dove Award-winning group, Sonicflood, and lives to help people grow closer to God.

Jeff's Brand New Single!

All Who Are Thirsty (Break Through the Stars)

Jeff is excited to partner with 90s Worship Night to release his brand new single, All Who Are Thirsty (Break Through the Stars), on all music platforms on Friday, March 15, 2024.

As you know, this classic 90s worship song touched people all around the world, and was originally written by Brenton Brown & Glenn Robertson. Now, Jeff has had the opportunity to write a new bridge and re-record it for a special compilation album entitled “Break Through the Stars” (with songs from Lindell Cooley, Lisa Kimmey-Winans, Charlie Hall and many other 90s worship artists). It’s time to bring this reimagined classic worship song back into rotation! CLICK TO LEARN MORE NOW!!!

Jeff's Master Class!

50+ Training Videos on Worship Leadership

It’s unbelievable! Jeff has partnered with Leaders.Church and Church University to create a comprehensive worship leadership video course that will move you, your teams, and your church toward becoming the Kingdom ministry God designed you to be. With 12 modules and 57 12-18 minute videos, this course is designed for pastors, worship leaders, worship team members, and anyone who is passionate about instilling biblical culture into their people and their services. It is an incredible resource that will help you grow in your anointing, your leadership, your passion, your authenticity, and your hunger for God, and it can easily be viewed with your worship team or your small group over several weeks. CLICK TO LEARN MORE NOW!!!

Jeff's Newest Book!

Spark: A Comprehensive Worship Leadership Handbook

It’s finally here! This is a life work from Jeff that has been in preparation for 15 years. It is a powerful resource designed to help worship leaders and church leaders develop the culture of the Kingdom in their churches by empowering their teams and their congregation to grow into mature followers of Christ. This book will touch your life and will help you lead with humility and boldness. Every Jesus-following singer, musician, and leader needs a copy. Available now!

Original Instrumental Music!

From Eternity Instrumental Piano EP!

It’s never been done before. In all the years Jeff has been releasing music, he has never gone back to his roots to share the beautiful instrumental piano songs he’s secretly been writing. It’s true. This release has been in the works for years, and the time has finally come to go public. These songs will sooth your soul. Streaming everywhere!

Must Read!

Awakening Pure Worship Book!

Jeff Deyo invites you into a conversation about pure worship in a book that was written for anyone seeking to know the Lord in a deeper way.   Wherever you shop for books online!

Kind Words

Blog Feature!

Religion Is Not Bad!

By now you may be on to my tactics. You most certainly have recognized that I enjoy taking things we think we know and turning them on their head. But don’t get too out of sorts. This isn’t one of those blogs where the writer attempts to reel everyone in with a “shock and awe” title. This blog is attempting to hit on a subject where we’ve actually missed the boat. Completely.

How often have you heard someone say something like, “Christianity is a relationship, not a religion?” Or “Whatever we do, let’s not be religious!” Or “It was ultimately the religious leaders who crucified Jesus.”

I’m not suggesting that these statements are entirely wrong, but I have realized we need to take another look at religion, because we might just be throwing the baby out with the bathwater. Again…